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I are bad mod.

Yesss I suck as a mod.
I have a hotsmex dream for everyone to read to make up for it :D :D.
Anddd it starts like .

Miya was sitting on the bed reading a newspaper, and Satochi was at the other end of his bed just laying there. He didn't have a shirt on, either *_*. Go Satochi. But yes, Satochi started stretching and slowly Miya started looking at him over the top of his newspaper XD. Sneaky bastard. Satochi caught Miya looking at him and started stretching more, making it VERY obvious that he was wearing jeans...and nothing underneath. Miya whimpered a little but pretended to keep reading. Satochi decided to be a tease and got up to do more stretches, one of which involved bending over. Of course Miya's eyes nearly bugged out of his head but he managed to stay calm. How, I don't know. And then Satochi did this one thing...I dunno how to explain it, but his back was to Miya and his arms were in front of him so when he moved it looked like...yes o_o. Finally Miya groaned and asked "What...are you doing?" and Satochi glanced over his shoulder and said "What does it look like I'm doing? *pause* I'm stretching." Ha. But Miya threw down the newspaper and grabbed Satochi and tackled him so that was that. Much sex ensued. Except I woke up T_T.
But yes.
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