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Rating:: NC-17

Title:: Finally
Pairing:: Satochi x Miya

Notes:: I took one of my other stories and just changed the names. Though I think I like this version a lot better.

Summary:: Satochi finally claims Miya

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Satochi wasn't going to let Miya get away again. This time he would finally make him his. "Damn! The elevator is taking too long." Satochi quickly found his way to the stairway of the apartment complex and ran up the stairs of Miya's apartment. Good thing I'm in shape, he thought reaching the eighth floor. Miya's apartment was just a few feet away. When he reached the door, he pounded on it.

Miya was just washing up when he heard pounding on his door. He was confused, but he figured that maybe it was a wrong door. He walked slowly to it, so the person outside wouldn't know that he was home. When he looked through the peep hole he was pleasantly surprised when he saw Satochi... with a bit of perspiration on his brow. He quickly opened the door. "Hey, Sato....?"

Before Miya could ask him anything else, Satochi had stepped inside, pulled Miya close to him, and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around him making sure that Miya couldn't set himself free in case he wanted freedom. He pried Miya's lips open with his tongue.

Miya allowed the sweet invasion. He was still confused on Satochi's true intentions, but he wanted this man, he needed this man for so long. He let himself melt into the other's arms.

Satochi walked further into the apartment, closing the door with a small kick. He reached down with one arm and picked up Miya from behind his knees, while his other supported Miya's upper body; never breaking the kiss. He already knew where the bedroom was and walked toward the door.

Miya wrapped his arms around Satochi's neck to make sure that he wouldn't fall. He's so strong. He knew exactly where Satochi was leading them and enjoyed the thoughts that now flooded his mind.

When they reached the room, Satochi laid Miya on the bed and straddled him. Miya was only wearing a pair of shorts with a thin white shirt. "Sorry, Mi-kun." He reached up and ripped Miya's shirt along the front. Satochi touched the new exposed skin, kissing and licking it.

Miya reached his arms down, running his fingers through Satochi's hair. Miya arched his back as he felt his suck on his left nipple. "Ah... Satochi." He bit his lower lip when he felt the other blow softly on his wet, hard nipple.

Satochi lowered his free hand and felt the hard bulge in Miya's shorts, rubbing it against the denim of the shorts. He continued lower with his tongue, licking a trail from the middle of Miya's chest, down to the rim of his shorts. Satochi quickly unbuttoned and unzipped the other's short and removed them along with his underwear, allowing Miya's hard cock to spring to freedom. He didn't touch it, instead he blew cold air on it, making Miya writhe on the bed.

"Ah, god, please Sato-kun." There was a touch of lust and pain in his voice.

"Please, what?" Satochi looked up, cocking an eyebrow and metting Miya's eyes.

"Please, Satochi, just do it." Miya tried not to sound too desperate.

"Do what exactly? I need details... exact details." A half smile spread across his face.

Miya eyes widened as he realized the embarrassment of Satochi's request. His lust was overwhelming; he needed Satochi to touch him, to suck him. "Please, Satochi, don't make me."

"Do it, Mi-kun, or I'm leaving." The playfulness of Satochi's voice was gone, now he took the dominant role.

Miya blushed as he knew what he had to do, there was no way he would let Satochi leave now. His breathing became harsh and fast. "Touch my cock."

Satochi put one finger on the other's hard dick.

A desperate moan came from Miya's lips. "Wrap your hand on my cock."

Satochi obeyed.

"Now, slowly pump me."

Satochi continued to obey, slowly pumping the other. After some time he started to slow down. "Talk to me, Mi-kun."

Miya finally let the embarrassment leave him and began his new role. He lifted himself up and supported himself on his arms, looking down at Satochi.

Satochi could see there was something different in Miya's eyes, but he wasn't sure what it was.

"Start pumping a little faster." He didn't lose eye contact with the other.

Satochi obeyed.

"Move your hand to the head and rub your thumb along the slit." Miya closed his eyes as Satochi continued to do as he was told.

Satochi spread the precum all over the head. He looked down at Miya's hard cock. It looked oh, so savory. He licked his lips, wanting to finally put it in his mouth and suck the bittersweet juice from it.

"With your other hand, put it around my cock and start pumping faster." Miya was starting to appreciate his new role, he liked telling Satochi what to do. He opened his eyes, only to see Satochi looking at his hard cock, his mouth slightly opened and tongue begging to lick him. "Now, suck on the head."

Satochi didn't hesitate. This is what he wanted. He took the head and started sucking.

"Now put it all... in your mouth." Miya was beginning to be taken over by pleasure and started to feel weak.

Satochi decided to do a little something before he took all of Miya in. He slightly pushed the thick cock a little forward, reached down and licked up the length. "Ah, Miya. You taste so good." When he reached the top, he finally took all of Miya's arousal into his mouth, sucking hungrily on it. He began bobbing his head up and down, quickening the motion.

"Sat.... Satochi..." Miya moaned while he laid back down. He began moving his hips up and down, fucking Satochi's mouth, making him open his throat more.

Satochi enjoyed his mouth being raped; soon Miya's ass would be his. He smiled in his mind at the thought.

"Sato.... I'm... Ah!" Miya moaned loudly as he came in his lover's mouth. The orgasm coming in a mixture of waves and crashes.

Satochi continued to suck until he knew that Miya was done cumming and swallowed his seed. He climbed back toward his lover's face and began kissing him passionately, letting him taste a tiny amount of his own cum.

Miya liked it dirty and didn't mind taste. He wanted to taste Satochi's now. He had waited for this for so long, he wanted Satochi to cum in his mouth, in his ass.

"Now it's my turn." Miya started to get up so he could give Satochi the best blowjob he would ever receive, but instead Satochi had other things in mind and turned him over onto his stomach.

Miya was in shock, but he didn't mind the change of plans. "Are you going to fuck me?"

"Ha, you have no idea." Satochi stripped naked while looking at Miya's exposed ass. When he was done, he reached down and licked his rim, getting nice and wet, ready for the fuck.

Miya could do nothing, but moan and hold a tight grip on the sheets, preparing himself.

Satochi stood up again and placed himself at Miya's entrance. "Brace yourself, Mi-chan because this might hurt." He wasn't sure if Miya had been fucked before, but he didn't care. That's all in the past. He slowly started to force his way inside. Miya's tight hole sucking him in.

Miya bit his bottom lip and endured the pain. This is what he dreamt about for so long. He wanted Satochi to fuck him and fuck him good. "Please, Sato-kun, just go all the way in already." He begged.

"Are you sure?" Satochi asked still slowing opening Miya up.

"Yes! Ram into ME!"

Satochi obeyed and rammed as hard as he could into Miya's tight ass.

Miya screamed in pain, he could see streams of light. He couldn't bear it as he thought he could. The pain was too much, but as Satochi started to fuck him, the pain was slowly turned into pleasure.

Satochi was worried that he hurt Miya too much, but when he heard the other begin to moan and pant in pleasure, he knew everything was alright.

"Faster.... Sato... Fuck me faster."

Satochi began to fuck him faster and harder. He took Miya's hard, dripping cock in his hand and began to massage it motion with his thrusting.

Miya held a tight grip on the sheets, letting his ass widen. Satochi belonged there, his ass belong to no other man, but Satochi.

Satochi could feel that Miya was about to cum again. He starting pumping him faster. "Cum Mi-kun. I want to feel you in my hand." Miya could feel himself reaching his peak. "I'm fucking you, Miya. Feel me fuck you." Satochi fucked him harder and pumped him faster.

Satochi's words were driving Miya crazy. Finally, he came, screaming Satochi's name.

Satochi moved the hand full of Miya's cum to his mouth and licked a mouthful. He then put the same hand on Miya's hip, both hands gripping, giving him more support so he could fuck Miya better. He could feel himself reaching his end and he exploded inside the other, filling him with his seed.

Satochi fell on top of Miya when he finished. Both boys were exhausted.

As Satochi pulled the other closer into his arms, Miya asked, "So are we lovers now?"

"Of course, Mi-chan. You're mind now."

Miya smiled. He finally belonged to the man he lusted for.

"By the way, you tasted really good."

Miya moaned at the intoxicating words. "If only I could taste you."

"Next time. From now on, you're mine. No more fucking anyone else." Even though Satochi wasn't sure, he wanted to claim what was his.

Miya sensed the seriousness in Satochi's voice. "Yes, master."

--------------------------------------- Owari

lol, i know that was cheezy, but i wanted a hardcore sex scene and thus this story was born yet again but with new names. i originally wrote this story with die and toshiya, but i really like the idea of it being satochi and miya instead.

i hope you liked it. sorry, no plot.... i'm a pervert and thus this needed to just be sex!

~ Ambrosia
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