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Mwahaha visuals.

Here I shall try to convince EVERYONE that stumbles upon this that Miya and Satochi are together. Kthx.


Kei's comments: LOOOK! Just look at how Satochi is looking at Miya :3! Miya's just talking and Satochi's like OMGILOVEYOU :D :D :D. I win.

Kei's comments: In this clip Satochi hides behind Miya the entire time, except for like two seconds which we see in the second screencap. And Miya smiles when Satochi comes out, he wasn't smiling before x3.

I have more clips but I have to convert them before I can screencap them and I'm lazy and yes.

Regular pictures:

Kei's comments: ..Do I really need to say anything? ..I do? Okay. LOOK PEOPLE THEY'RE GETTING DRESSED. I win. Like, more than ever before.

Kei's comments: *door opens* Miya+Satochi: !!!!!!!! *moves calms down* ? What? We weren't doing anything!

That's all for now.
OH oh oh look at group pictures, if they're not standing together they look upset.
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